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Halloween eCommerce Marketing Tips for Growing Businesses

October 7th, 2020 · 2 min read

Running an eCommerce business is like having your store open 24/7 at all times. No holidays for you, but you get to earn profits. After all, growth is the target, right?

And when other businesses close, you are open selling and making profits, growing customers, and achieving your targets. The same had been for Christmas, New Year and it will be the same for this Halloween 2020.

As you put in that much effort with motivation, we’d like to share some Halloween eCommerce marketing tips to help you get the deserved outcome for your efforts.

Let’s begin!

Get on the Halloween Vibe

Before you can make someone believe in you, you need to believe in yourself. Just as that, you need to ensure that you are in the Halloween vibe before you share that perception and feeling with your visitors and customers.

But how can you do that? Here are some tips:

Track your visitor’s behavior and focus on the user experience elements of your website:

  • Just like the snowflakes on your Christmas, use some flying ghosts for your Halloween.
  • Change the banner of your website for your Halloween promotion
  • Make use of some mildly spooky copywriting on your business tagline and welcome texts.
  • Use a welcome message so that you can say Happy Halloween to your customers when they inquire about your products, or even better an automated live chat with the message.

Reach out to your old customers

You do not need to send any spooky messages or promote your products in this email if you don’t want to. Just send good wishes, with some pumpkins ;).

Don’t miss this. If you had the opportunity to sell to your local clients, sending handwritten postcards is also not a bad idea. But branding on those postcards is important to get the full benefit.

Even better, if you have the list of old customers who purchased products from you during the Halloween season, send out a discount offer on similar products. This will improve your chances of increasing sales.

Add stocks or create customized packages

You’re in the business so you know what sells more during the Halloween season. So, we won’t go into detail. But, do you have all the possible products in stock?

Or even if you are implementing the dropshipping model, have you at least listed those on your site and made a profitable deal with your supplier? This is not the customer side of marketing for Halloween, but it is important for running a profitable business.

Next is creating customized packages. Maybe you can create a design with a Halloween theme and print it on cups, mugs, lamp posts, or whatever your top-selling product is.

Then create a product bundle with your profitable product and highlight it as featured on your site. With the proven sales of your top product and the Halloween theme, you will be able to maximize your profit.

How soon do the orders reach your customers?

No one wants to wait. Waiting for a long time is out of the question when it is celebration time. You need to expedite shipping. Keep a track of the time required to deliver your orders to your top customer locations.

These top customers are the ones who are more likely to purchase from you. If you haven’t identified your top customers, start tracking top customers with this plugin. After you have the delivery time, mention that on your products for specific locations. This has 2 benefits.

  • You will include the location on your site to further make the visitors welcome to your site.
  • Next, this delivery time will create a sense of urgency in your visitors to order from you quickly.

And remember, your customers have already started searching for products to add liveliness for their Halloween Celebration. Be quick enough to help them find their desired products.

Happy Halloween! Happy Selling!

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